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 The Club Penguin Ski Village Rules

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The Club Penguin Ski Village Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Club Penguin Ski Village Rules   The Club Penguin Ski Village Rules Icon_minipostedSun Jul 13, 2008 1:36 pm

Here are the Club Penguin Ski Village rules. Before you start posting, we would appreciate it if you read these rules.


1. No Swearing
No swearing of any kind is allowed. If you need to give an example, please use only the first letter of the word, and replace all other letters with *'s.

2. No Advertising
Please do not advertise in your posts or via PM. The only place advertisement is permitted is your signature.

3. No Innapropriate Discussion
If you talk about anything that is innapropriate, it will be removed and you may be banned.

4. No Bullying
No bullying of any kind will be allowed. If somebody makes a mistake, don't laugh at them.

5. No Backseat Moderating.
Please do not try to act like a moderator if you are not one. You are allowed to say, however, if a topic is in the wrong section.

6. No Asking to Join Staff.
Please don't ask to join staff, it will lower your chances. We will pick people who are kind and good forumers.

7. No Spamming
This is one of the most important rules. Please do not spam. All your posts must have at least 10 characters, and you may not use more than 5 smileys per post.

8. Stay on Topic
If you go off topic, you will most likely recieve an infraction.

9. No Bumping
Do not post in a thread if it has not been posted in for over 20 days.

Infractions are what you recieve when you break a rule. Infractions will be taken away every month if you behave well. If you get 3 infractions, you will be banned from the forums forever.
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The Club Penguin Ski Village Rules
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